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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Custom Climbers!

Our good friend and collegue Hayley McNeil is an awesome artist
who has lent her talented hand to customizing modern toddler step stools!
So often the step stool is the last thing you think of as looking stylish..typically they have NO personality at all.....b u t...
Once we saw the chic designs she came out with we just had to share!!
 Take a look at her site here...she has plenty of designs to choose from or you can customize your own!

Cute Argyle Croc. Love the bright orange! $55.00

How cute would this be in a little girl's room next to her bed?  
For the Rocker's in your family!  
I love this two step option. My son is a little short when trying to reach the faucet in the bathroom.
This is the perfect solution!

A two step option for girls! $95.00

Even Better? 10% of all proceeds are donated to a charity close to her heart, the Navy Seal Foundation. They provide assistance and education scholarships for the families of Navy Seals killed in action.

Enjoy browsing and share with your friends...


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