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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mister Ramsey is going to be a big brother very soon. So what does a big brother need? Well a big boy room of course! We met with him to see what kinds of things he would like for his room. He loves cars and trucks of any kind. This was the inspiration fabric for his room.

His mom had a big boy bed from IKEA that she had already purchased. The colors on it weren't quite right so we painted it to go with his new decor.

Here is the inspiration board we pulled together for his room.
Here it is.... The finished Room!

And we have one very little, happy customer!
Stay tuned for pictures of his new little sister Madelyn's nursery.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Tis the season for Designing..... For Family Part 2- The Boys Room

Micheal and Matthew are my nephews and they needed a cool room from their Aunt JoJo too!
They are growing up fast and are much tougher clients than their little sister Morgan. 
Before I got started on their design I sat down and had a little chat with them to see what they would like to see in their room. I got the typical 10-12 yr. old boy answer. "I dunno??"
After much intense interrogation.... all they gave me was they wanted Basketball and Football involved.
Here is what started out with.....


The biggest transformation in the room was the striped wall their favorite Uncle Dave so meticulously painted for them on their headboard wall.

Each stripe was spaced 10" apart horizontally on the entire back wall.

I made the window treatment out of some extra fabric I had in my stash at home and the bedding was from IKEA.

 Michael loves Basketball and LOVES Micheal Jordan and Matthew is a big football fan. I went to Home Depot and got some Masonite cut to size, spray painted it dark grey and added a white decal that I ordered on ETSY

Their dressers got a little make over by painting the knobs green. I also painted their M's that they have had in their room ever since they were little with the same paint.

I found this rug at IKEA for 14.99 and added white duct tape to make it look like a basketball key.
They have a basketball hoop that is mounted on the wall across from the key (not pictured).

I found a few things in the AS IS section at IKEA and Taa-dah a favorite things wall. 
The big silver square is a metal shelf that they sell at IKEA, so I mounted it to the wall and turned it into a magnet board. The green grass cloth strip was also at IKEA in the as is section for 10.00. I think it is a window panel but it was the base for my collage. The long wire with clips lets them clip anything they want to add to the wall.

And there you have it! A "Tween" boys room!