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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Modern Sparrow Nursery

Hi All! 
Just thought we'd share our latest nursery for with you for a lucky little baby girl...
Our inspiration for this room was this beautiful sparrow paper, and after that, everything just fell into place.
Notice how the yellow in the rug pops off of the blue paper? Just because the yellow doesn't necessarily match the paper, it still works because they are opposite on the color wheel. It makes the space more interesting when everything isn't "matchy-matchy".
We found this adorable vintage dresser and had it painted coral to match the birds in the paper. The glider in the corner is in an adorable charcoal linen with white contrasting piping and buttons. The chair really brings in the dark color from the wallpaper over to this side of the room for balance.
How cute is that owl vase? We think it looks very Jonathan Adler. Fresh flowers tie the yellow back in to this side of the room.
Design is all about the "little details". We had a little extra wall paper, and lined
 the drawers with it. It was a little labor intensive, and a lot of sticky fingers due to the spray mount, but it was worth it!
Never underestimate an artistic display of books on ledge shelves.
What we love about these ledge shelves is that
A. The covers act as an art element in the room.
B. The kiddos can actually look at the covers and pick which ones they want to read.
C. You can just keep adding to the collection and the display just gets better and better!

We hope you have enjoyed this little tour!
Til next time!
j & j

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mister Ramsey is going to be a big brother very soon. So what does a big brother need? Well a big boy room of course! We met with him to see what kinds of things he would like for his room. He loves cars and trucks of any kind. This was the inspiration fabric for his room.

His mom had a big boy bed from IKEA that she had already purchased. The colors on it weren't quite right so we painted it to go with his new decor.

Here is the inspiration board we pulled together for his room.
Here it is.... The finished Room!

And we have one very little, happy customer!
Stay tuned for pictures of his new little sister Madelyn's nursery.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Tis the season for Designing..... For Family Part 2- The Boys Room

Micheal and Matthew are my nephews and they needed a cool room from their Aunt JoJo too!
They are growing up fast and are much tougher clients than their little sister Morgan. 
Before I got started on their design I sat down and had a little chat with them to see what they would like to see in their room. I got the typical 10-12 yr. old boy answer. "I dunno??"
After much intense interrogation.... all they gave me was they wanted Basketball and Football involved.
Here is what started out with.....


The biggest transformation in the room was the striped wall their favorite Uncle Dave so meticulously painted for them on their headboard wall.

Each stripe was spaced 10" apart horizontally on the entire back wall.

I made the window treatment out of some extra fabric I had in my stash at home and the bedding was from IKEA.

 Michael loves Basketball and LOVES Micheal Jordan and Matthew is a big football fan. I went to Home Depot and got some Masonite cut to size, spray painted it dark grey and added a white decal that I ordered on ETSY

Their dressers got a little make over by painting the knobs green. I also painted their M's that they have had in their room ever since they were little with the same paint.

I found this rug at IKEA for 14.99 and added white duct tape to make it look like a basketball key.
They have a basketball hoop that is mounted on the wall across from the key (not pictured).

I found a few things in the AS IS section at IKEA and Taa-dah a favorite things wall. 
The big silver square is a metal shelf that they sell at IKEA, so I mounted it to the wall and turned it into a magnet board. The green grass cloth strip was also at IKEA in the as is section for 10.00. I think it is a window panel but it was the base for my collage. The long wire with clips lets them clip anything they want to add to the wall.

And there you have it! A "Tween" boys room!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis' the Season for Designing..... for Family! Part 1- Morgan's Room

This year my profession really came in handy when it came time to gift giving! What else does your Aunt whom is an Interior Designer get you for Christmas?....... A new fancy room of course!
My sister's children are getting to that age when I am running out of ideas for Christmas presents. We like to refer to her boys as "Tweens" and I couldn't bring myself to buy them another video game that later I find out they never play it because they thought it was lame. My neice Morgan however..... well, she is pretty easy for me to peg since she has all the same interests I did as a little girl. But.... she needed a fancy room too!
As many of you know my sister relocated to Arizona from Ohio about a year ago. They just moved into a new rental home and landlord told her that she "could make it her own, paint...... whatever she wanted to do"
 Well, You don't have to tell me twice... Let's do this! 

First we are going to start with Morgan's room, she is a very creatively crafty 5 year old, who spends all of her free time coloring and gluing anything she can get her hands on. 
 So...... let's see what we have to work with here.
Needless to say, her gorgeous vertical blinds were the first thing to go!


I knew I wanted to create a space for Morgan where she wanted to be "creative", not that is a hard thing to do. I needed to keep my budget in check so I needed to get to crafting myself!

My inspiration for the color way was her comforter that we scored at Target last year on the clearance rack.

I pulled 3 colors from my Dunn Edwards paint deck:
DE5041 Sangria
DE5956 Pale Egg Plant
DE5013 Deep Magenta

Home Depot sells those small tubs of  "tester" paint.
Well, that is all the paint I needed to paint her frame wall. they even had them on clearance for 1.00 a tub, TOTAL SCORE!

I knew Morgan needed a place to display all of her artwork, my sister's refrigerator is on overload, plus they are all suitable for a frame of course.

I started by painting a block of white paint on the wall for the base of the frame wall. I then hand painted a grey frame around that to finish the base.
I went online and Googled images of line drawing frames. I knew it would be tough coming up with so many off the top of my head. I meshed those ideas with my own and the photo wall started coming together. It was important to make my frames close to the size of the paper that she would be drawing on 8.5x11. I wanted to add some dimension to the wall so I added three of my own art pieces I made from melting crayons with a hairdryer until they dripped down a canvas. 
I found a set of 3 canvases at Tuesday Morning for $9.99.
Melting crayons onto a blank canvas is all the rage right is all over the internet and now I finally had a reason to do it myself!

 I hand painted all of the frames with a small paint brush and needless to say it was pretty time consuming. Thank goodness for my husband Dave.... he stepped in and helped me finish them up.

Next up, where all the Masterpieces are Created.

It's that time of year again when everything is on sale at JoAnn Fabrics... (My favorite time of year)
I found these letters for $1.49 each. I picked up some napkins at IKEA that were in the perfect colors for her room. My sister and I used a few to cover her letters and Modge Podged them on.

She must be starting a Thank You card for her favorite Aunt JoJo!

I found the cute little organizing cups on a convenient rack at Tuesday Morning for $9.99 each. The shelf is from IKEA and only cost me 9.00. 
Now that the big projects were done it's time for the finishing touches.
I took some white drapes my sister had and added a couple bands of colored fabric to the top.
Uncle Dave spray painted her easel to match her new room. I found this stool at Ikea for $5.99.

I had this little flowerpot lying around so I spray painted it white and added some cute flowers from IKEA that I found for 1.00 each.
And there I have it..... a happy customer who is ALREADY busy at work in her new room!

Stay tuned to see what I came up with for Micheal and Matthew's room

xoxo, Jo

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creating a New Play Yard for Little Marin

My Little Miss Marin has no where to play..... What is a mother to do?
Well, with Mommy's design skills and Daddy's building skills I think she is covered!
We decided to turn our old, boring dog run into a play yard for Marin.

So... The Madness Begins.
What better inspiration for a little playhouse than the beloved home I grew up in in Ohio!

Here it is... in all it's glory, just like we left good ole Leith Street. I was recently contacted on facebook by the current owners letting me know they found the time capsule I made when I was ten. Funny Right? It brought back all the wonderful memories I had in that house and inspired me to create a replica for Marin's play yard.

This is what we are working with.. not much to see.

Day One. Laying the Deck. Dave and my Dad are two HANDY guys:)

Finished Deck.

Day Two. Framing It all out and adding the Windows.
A Happy Little Customer.. She is playing in it already!
Find the Free Play House Plans Here.

Day Three, Four, Five and Six. Siding and roofing.

Daddy poses for a Roof Shot.

We added a door we found from remnants in "as is" at Ikea, mailbox, house numbers, flower boxes from Biglots and fake flowers from the dollar store. But wait.... something is missing. Oh yes! The picket fence and flower bed full of real flowers.

Well............ Here it is..... the finished project!

 I think our Little Marin is one happy customer!

No mail today?

Now what is a fancy playhouse with out a fabulous interior??
Take a peek inside, Marin will be your personal guide!

We got the stove on sale after Christmas last year at Sears. I make the sink from plans I found at
The pots and pans are from IKEA and accessories from the dollar store.

Hey good lookin' what ya got cookin'?
I made the curtians out of fabric scraps and dwell studio napkins from Target.
Who's coming for dinner?
What house would be complete without a family photo wall? Marin's last initial is surrounded by pictures of Mommy, Daddy and her best friend (cousin) Morgan.
Would you like to join me for a spot of tea?
Thanks for visiting my little house!